Laravel Homestead: multiple projects, one VM

Vagrant is great to isolate a development environment inside a VM. However, after a while you can find you have a bunch of heavy VMs that share the same characteristics, each one for a simple PHP project. Enter Laravel Homestead In these cases, you can safely use Laravel Homestead. Homestead is a Vagrant box pre-configured with an Nginx web… Read more Laravel Homestead: multiple projects, one VM

Doctrine 2

Últimamente estuve trabajando bastante con CodeIgniter en conjunto con el ORM de Doctrine 1.2 para simplificar el acceso a datos y dar más poder que el Active Record que implementa el framework. Hoy me topé con una presentación muy interesante de lo que traerá la versión 2, que aprovecha todo el potencial de PHP 5.3. Una… Read more Doctrine 2

Friendly URLs in XAMPP

A very common requirement for today’s apps is having “friendly” or clean URLs. We can achieve that easily in XAMPP, following these steps: First, enable Apache’s mod_rewrite module: Edit httpd.conf file under [xampp-install-directory]/apache/conf. On Windows, that’s typically C:\xampp. Uncomment: #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ So it stays: LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ Lastly, search for AllowOverride None and replace with AllowOverride All. In order for… Read more Friendly URLs in XAMPP