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Daily UI #007 – Settings


Today’s design challenge is about settings.

I created a modal and threw in a few checkboxes.

DailyUI#007 - Settings

Font used: Lato.

Daily UI #006 – User Profile

User Profile.

Here’s design challenge #006:

DailyUI#006 - User Profile

Font: Open Sans.

Foto credit: https://flic.kr/p/avUWXP

Daily UI #005 – App Icon

App Icon

Here’s the result:



Daily UI #004 – Calculator


Here’s friday’s design challenge: a calculator.


I definitely wanted to polish this a bit further, but I think at this stage I’ve learned quite a bit in the process.

I designed it in Sketch so I gained a bit of knowledge of the tool, also used some mockups for OS X components.

I wish I had found a better font. Roboto looks very clear on the display but a bit too thick for the buttons.

Daily UI #003 – Landing Page

Landing Page (above the fold)

That was today’s hint. It proved to be more challenging than previous ones. One of the reasons is because you need to think of a whole concept in which to base your design.

A landing page is something that can take hours or days to do right, and I did this in less than two hours.

I started up designing a landing page for a fake music app, but I realized I lacked that concept in which to base ideas.

So, I took a shortcut and redesigned the home screen from Clementine Player. Which let’s just say it needs a bit more love.

Here’s the result:


Font used: Dosis.


This was my first iteration. Which doesn’t make me exceptionally proud:


At least I think there’s still noticeable evolution.

Feedback is welcome.

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