UIkit – a lightweight and modular front-end framework

A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

I’ve been contributing to a project where this little UI framework is used, and it’s pretty cool.

Check it out: UIkit

DailyUI #012 E-Commerce Shop (Single Item)

This is the last Daily UI on the blog. As I’ll be posting them on Dribbble and Twitter.


Fonts are Oswald and Lato.

DailyUI #011 – Flash Message

Flash Message (Error/Success)


Daily UI #010 – Social Share

Social Share

This is the result:


Definitely needs more love, but that was the work I could produce in the time I had.

What is pictured here is a hover state on the Facebook marker. When hovered, it shows the share count. Same would happen on Twitter and Google+.

Maybe later on I can dig into animating prototypes.

Daily UI #009 – Music Player

Music Player

Today’s design challenge is a music player. That task alone could take months of work, so I decided to do a mini-player for the desktop. It features a big album cover and some basic controls.

Here’s the result:

DailyUI#009 Music-Player


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