Open a chromeless browser

Today I saw a tweet from Das Surma, where it shows how you can open a chromeless Google Chrome browser. Like this: How to Open Terminal app type open -n -a ‘Google Chrome’ –args “–app=[URL]” where [URL] is something like Done! If you’re curious about what those flags do, -n “Open a new instance of… Read more Open a chromeless browser

Nerdtip #356: hide profile visit data on Linkedin

Today I was bored checking someone’s Linkedin profile page when a friend mentioned that that person was going to know that I visited it. I thought, that’s weird, Linkedin doesn’t tell me who visited my profile. After a while going through settings, I notice theres an option that lets you hide that information. It’s worth mentioning that it works… Read more Nerdtip #356: hide profile visit data on Linkedin