Daily UI #003 – Landing Page

Landing Page (above the fold)

That was today’s hint. It proved to be more challenging than previous ones. One of the reasons is because you need to think of a whole concept in which to base your design.

A landing page is something that can take hours or days to do right, and I did this in less than two hours.

I started up designing a landing page for a fake music app, but I realized I lacked that concept in which to base ideas.

So, I took a shortcut and redesigned the home screen from Clementine Player. Which let’s just say it needs a bit more love.

Here’s the result:


Font used: Dosis.


This was my first iteration. Which doesn’t make me exceptionally proud:


At least I think there’s still noticeable evolution.

Feedback is welcome.

Daily UI #002 – Credit Card Checkout

For today’s entry the task was create a Credit Card Checkout form.

This is my design, inspired by creditcard.js:


Any feedback is welcome.

Daily UI #001 – Login screen

Daily UI launched with the purpose to help you “Become a better designer in 100 days.”

Each day, you receive a small brief to design something. You do it. You publish it on Dribbble/Twitter using the #dailyUI hash. You get some feedback. You (hopefully) improve your skills. Easy, right?

Lately I’ve been trying to improve my design skills, so this sounded something worth trying out.

Here’s Day #001’s brief:

Hint: Design a sign up page, modal, form, app screen, etc. (It’s up to you!)

And this is the result:

It took me around 45’~1h to iterate through these mockups. I probably would have been able to improve on these if I kept working on them. In fact, I think there’s some evolution from v1 to v3.

However, I think it’s much more valuable to get feedback earlier. If you have some, please leave a comment. Thanks!

5 principles of design

Or “Roman Mars: Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed.

This is a great talk on (flag) design by Roman Mars, at TED.

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