Spoticalc – Spotify bandwidth calculator

Recently, we were wondering with a couple of friends how much data Spotify was sucking out of our cell phone data plans. I knew that with a 3GB/mo. plan I could get away with most of my needs, but there was also streaming quality into the mix.

A Front-end design workflow (Jul 2016)

It’s been quite a while since I started coding HTML+CSS designs from PSD/Ai/Sketch files. I started using plain CSS files, then Less, started using the awesome CodeKit, then Bash scripts, then Sass, tried Bourbon, tried Neat, learnt Gulp, npm, etc. I wanted to share what works for me today. I mean, CodeKit still works great and I… Continue reading A Front-end design workflow (Jul 2016)

ComingSoon · a minimal landing page template

Here’s a fresh new template for a minimal landing page for your new website or app for you to download. Replace the rocket emoji with a big H1 text or your website/app logo, put a catchy tagline, place a killer screenshot below and you’re done!

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Contact forms without code

You just designed and implemented a beautiful portfolio. You’re almost about to publish it, but remember you still have to make that static contact form actually send messages to your inbox. You google “contact form PHP”. And you know the rest.

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Sync local and remote WordPress database

This is just a big heads-up to every WordPress developer out there, just to let them know that syncing a development/staging database doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There’s this plugin called WP Sync DB which works like magic. As a reader also suggests, WP Sync DB also has plugins that build upon the main funcionality. For example,… Continue reading Sync local and remote WordPress database

Instadownload: Download photos from Instagram web

Update 2019: This no longer works due to Instagram constantly updating it’s generated HTML. There are plenty of alternatives to do this so I probably won’t update this. Update 02/08/2016: Updated the code to work with the latest version of Instagram. Remember, only works on photo detail page, like this. Does this look familiar? If… Continue reading Instadownload: Download photos from Instagram web

Build a simple website with Silex

Update: Silex has been deprecated in June 2018 in favor of Symfony. I love static* websites. They’re usually faster to develop, smaller, require no database or backend and are faster to load. Of course they require more work to maintain and tweak at first, but if you’re a developer, these things should be pretty entertaining or at… Continue reading Build a simple website with Silex