Getting started with Jigsaw

There’s a ton of static site generators. However, Jigsaw has been catching some wind. So, what stands out with it?

  • Blade templating system “just like your Laravel apps.”
  • Laravel Mix, Browsersync integration. 
  • Familiarity with Laravel ecosystem.
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Don’t design your emails

I just came across a post from 2016, about why you shouldn’t design your email campaigns. This probably doesn’t apply to all situations and industries, but I know for a fact that many clients pay for lots of hours of crafting, debugging and testing custom templates that aren’t really worth the time.

Link: Don’t Design Your Emails

UIkit – a lightweight and modular front-end framework

A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

I’ve been contributing to a project where this little UI framework is used, and it’s pretty cool.

Check it out: UIkit

Updating Laravel Homestead

Recently I needed to update my Homestead VM to a more recent version, because I needed to run PHP 7.2. While you can just update PHP on a current Homestead instance, I was using a very old Homestead version and wanted to update it.

Moreover, I wanted to make sure I could do that in case something went wrong sometime. Also, that meant I had to have everything backed up.

My first instinct was to check the official documentation. However, there are a few missing steps there, so I started googling and… StackOverflowing? around. I thought I put this into a post, so I can refer to it later: Continue reading

Enjoyable WordPress theming with Timber (and ACF)

I was thinking of doing an in-depth tutorial on Timber. A few days since I started a draft, CSS-Tricks published “Timber and Twig Reignited My Love for WordPress“, which is a great read. However, I decided to push some of it live because this plugin deserves more love.

I’ve built a lot of WordPress sites. Recently, it has become more tedious work for me. Not for their complexity —most of corporate sites are fairly straightforward—, but because of the amount of work you have to do in Spaghetti code.

This situation changed when I found two amazing plugins: ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and of course, Timber. Continue reading

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