How to fix: MySQL not starting on MAMP (Pro)

I recently had to install MAMP Pro, in order to do some separate work from my Laravel Homestead VM.

After a weird Mac crash, MAMP would no longer start the MySQL server. This was the data from the logs:

To fix this, go to MAMP, File > Edit Template > MySQL > [version] and add the line highlighted below.

# The MySQL server
innodb_force_recovery = 1

The restart the server. After this you can comment out that line. Hopefully you will now be able to run the server again.


  1. Thank you, you’re a lifesaver.

    This is the second time this has happened to me (first time I had to reinstall and lose all my data), but this time I looked up the logs and found your post

  2. I tried /Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/db/mysql56 renaming the log files…did not work. THIS worked beautifully! Thank you!

  3. BLESS YOU! Been spinning my wheels on this all day!

  4. Thank you! No other solution has worked for me.

  5. Worked perfectly for me – thanks! I had previously tried to uncomment the same command further down the file – without success!

  6. thanks so much … you saved my day !

  7. Great, thanks to you I’am able to work again, great article. Take care

  8. There are no such thing as a stupid question right? do I go to “File > Edit Template > MySQL > [version]” in MAMP ? I cant figure it out ..

  9. Thanks for this, worked perfect!

  10. Like others have said, thank you!

  11. For anyone not using MAMP Pro, just create a my.cnf file in:
    MAMP > conf

    Copy and paste the line Nacho provides in his post, save and then start MAMP.

    My MAC crashes occasionally and I always have problems starting MySQL (normally have to resort to restoring really old databases), however this force recovery fix solves this in an instant.

    So glad I happened across this post

  12. Thank you very much!

  13. Nacho, Thank you so much. Saved my bacon…

  14. thanks for this, super helpful

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