Year: 2014

Laravel Homestead: multiple projects, one VM

Vagrant is great to isolate a development environment inside a VM. However, after a while you can find you have a bunch of heavy VMs that share the same characteristics, each one for a simple PHP project. Enter Laravel Homestead In these cases, you can safely use Laravel Homestead. Homestead is a Vagrant box pre-configured with an Nginx web server, PHP 5.6, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Memcached, and other stuff to make development easier and faster. The documentation is pretty clear and in a few steps you can have a working development environment, where you can add multiple projects. Chek it out: Laravel Homestead Update: Also, I recently […]

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Nerdtip #356: hide profile visit data on Linkedin

Today I was bored checking someone’s Linkedin profile page when a friend mentioned that that person was going to know that I visited it. I thought, that’s weird, Linkedin doesn’t tell me who visited my profile. After a while going through settings, I notice theres an option that lets you hide that information. It’s worth mentioning that it works both ways, i.e., you can roam Linkedin “anonymously”, but you can’t see who visited your profile. Here’s the link:

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