Faviconit: Generate favicon HTML

Faviconit is a web app that simplifies the tedious work of creating HTML to implement a favicon on your website. You upload an image file of at least 310px and it spits favicons for all devices and resolutions. Check it out: Faviconit


Laravel Homestead: multiple projects, one VM

Vagrant is great to isolate a development environment inside a VM. However, after a while you can find you have a bunch of heavy VMs that share the same characteristics, each one for a simple PHP project. Enter Laravel Homestead In these cases, you can safely use Laravel Homestead. Homestead is a Vagrant box pre-configured with an Nginx web […]


Nerdtip #356: hide profile visit data on Linkedin

Today I was bored checking someone’s Linkedin profile page when a friend mentioned that that person was going to know that I visited it. I thought, that’s weird, Linkedin doesn’t tell me who visited my profile. After a while going through settings, I notice theres an option that lets you hide that information. It’s worth mentioning that it works […]