Enjoyable WordPress theming with Timber (and ACF)

I was thinking of doing an in-depth tutorial on Timber. A few days since I started a draft, CSS-Tricks published “Timber and Twig Reignited My Love for WordPress“, which is a great read. However, I decided to push some of it live because this plugin deserves more love. I’ve built a lot of WordPress sites. Recently, it has become… Read more Enjoyable WordPress theming with Timber (and ACF)

Open a chromeless browser

Today I saw a tweet from Das Surma, where it shows how you can open a chromeless Google Chrome browser. Like this: How to Open Terminal app type open -n -a ‘Google Chrome’ –args “–app=[URL]” where [URL] is something like http://google.com Done! If you’re curious about what those flags do, -n “Open a new instance of… Read more Open a chromeless browser