Daily UI #008 – 404 page

404 page

I really like jazzy 404 pages. However, I also like them to be straight to the point and very lightweight.

Also, I think the “404” code adds absolutely nothing to the user, so I scratched that from the main copy.


Fonts used

  • Playfair Display for main header.
  • Lato for copy.


Daily UI #007 – Settings


Today’s design challenge is about settings.

I created a modal and threw in a few checkboxes.

DailyUI#007 - Settings

Font used: Lato.

Daily UI #006 – User Profile

User Profile.

Here’s design challenge #006:

DailyUI#006 - User Profile

Font: Open Sans.

Foto credit:

Daily UI #005 – App Icon

App Icon

Here’s the result:



Daily UI #004 – Calculator


Here’s friday’s design challenge: a calculator.


I definitely wanted to polish this a bit further, but I think at this stage I’ve learned quite a bit in the process.

I designed it in Sketch so I gained a bit of knowledge of the tool, also used some mockups for OS X components.

I wish I had found a better font. Roboto looks very clear on the display but a bit too thick for the buttons.

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